Are there really happy babies and unhappy babies or just well rested babies and exhausted babies??

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Sleep is SO important and many parents simply don't realize just how much sleep kids-especially babies-need. So much is going on while your baby is sleeping, such as muscle growth, the release of growth hormones, tissue repair, and protein synthesis to name a few- all of which are extremely important for your developing baby. If they aren't getting the rest that they need, they aren't going to feel well- just like we don't feel well when we aren't getting enough sleep! This of course will make your baby fussy.

When babies cry, parents typically run through a list in their head: Are they hungry? Need a diaper change? Burped? No-then they must just be fussy....... No! They are likely just trying to tell you that they need sleep. Even if sleep is on that list, it is very rarely addressed with a proper nap-especially if baby cries when the parents try to put them to bed. What most parents don't understand is that if you let your baby get to the point where they are crying because they are tired then they are overtired and it will be more difficult to get them to take a nap-this isn't them protesting their nap because they aren't tired-they are just restless from exhaustion. With a proper sleep schedule, you can be sure that you are putting them down before they reach this point and it will be much easier to get them to sleep.

When a baby is well rested they are just so much happier and so are the parents! Babies pick up on what the parents are feeling, so if the parents are happy, the baby is more likely to be happy! Plus, they are getting the benefits of adequate sleep and they are developing better and feeling better overall.

The majority of babies out there whose parents think that they are "fussy" babies are most likely just tired and need a proper sleep schedule and the "happy" babies are the ones getting proper sleep!

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